According to the official commercial treaty with our customers which you could see in the menu FAQ we accept returns only if the article comes back in a proper state for future "sale" without marks and smells, with all the tags and packaging preserved withing the official period of return which is 14 days from the moment of delivery date. We do not return the amount paid for the delivery. 

If you would like to return a product you would need to send it back via courier post so that we recieve it within 14 days from the moment of the delivery of the product to you on your own expence. You would also have to attach to the returning items the following documents:

- Fully filled in form for Return which you can download by clicking here.

- Email of the payment of the order

- copy of the description of the items send from the post

- Filled in form for Payment return, which you could download here.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - order@belivestudio.com

We received your message and will call you back in the near future.